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Chasing the dream
Being a benchmarking enterprise of the industry by innovation on our way forward
Trying to be the first
Seeking a win-win situation through integrity in cooperation
Achieving the great goal
Galloping in business with excellent quality as a rising firm
There are no roots stronger and more vigorous than those laid in the “City of Design”;
There is no force more powerful than those derived from the “Center of Innovation”.
----This is Shenzhen Handong Glass Machinery Co., Ltd., which has kept itself on entrepreneurial toes and strived for innovation in South China since 2003.
After decades of accumulation of strength, thanks to the unique innovation and hard-working genes of this land where Handong is established, and by means of a unique development strategy, Handong has developed from a glass deep-processing equipment manufacturer with initial production capacity to a large-scale manufacturing enterprise capable of design, research and development, processing and manufacturing, sales and installation, providing after-sale service, and independently importing and exporting goods. The self-built production industrial park covering over 40,000 square meters, standardized production workshops, first-class production equipment, and reliable testing instruments are the guarantees of Handong’s craftsmanship. With many miracles, Handong is a true embodiment of “Shenzhen Speed”.
Quality leads to excellence.            (广州翻译公司贯日翻译www.en-ch.com 02086266990
Quality brings about advantages.
汉东蓄势聚力,以善于从内部打破、创造新生,先后研发出玻璃清洗干燥机系列、夹层玻璃生产线系列、玻璃蒸压釜系列、太阳能玻璃生产线系列、玻璃深加工设备智能化集成设计及配套工程、 钢化玻璃均质炉系列、轨道式自动上片台系列、气浮剥片台、贴膜机系列等十几种玻璃深加工设备,赢得市场赞誉及好评。
Handong is good at breaking internal bounds and creating new opportunities. After saving up strength, it has successively researched and developed more than a dozen of glass deep-processing equipment, including glass washing and drying machine series, laminated glass production line series, glass still kettle series, solar glass production line series, glass deep-processing equipment intelligent integration design and supporting engineering, tempered glass homogenizing furnace series, rail-mounted automatic loading platform series, air-flotation delaminating platform, laminating machine series, etc., winning a wide recognition and remarkable reputation.
Its operation in strict accordance with ISO9001-2008 quality system and exceptional CE design has guaranteed every one of its products more complete, safer and more user-friendly; it has more than 30 national patents, which have witnessed the high-tech performance of its products with features of high speed, high efficiency, energy saving, intelligence, waterproofing, rust-proofing, low noise, long service life, etc.
Today, Handong’s products are playing a quality-ensuring role among more than 1,000 glass manufacturing enterprises, including CSG Holding Co., Ltd., Xinyi Group, Yaohua Pilkington Glass Group, Kibing Group, Fuyao Group, Taiwan Glass Group, Saint-Gobain Group, AVIC Sanxin Co., Ltd., Jinjing Group, and Yaohua Group.
Handong’s products can be seen in various glass deep-processing enterprises all over the world, such as the United States, Germany, France, Canada, Portugal, Mexico, Spain, Brazil, Argentina, Russia, Japan, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East, showing the endless charm of “wisdom in China” to the world.
So far, Handong has sold more than 1,000 laminated glass production lines, over 5,000 washing machines, and over 300 homogenizing furnaces. The annual sales of more than 100 million yuan are a mirror of its brand strength and the export proportion of 40% is a witness of its excellent quality. It is always on the way of opening up and creating new highs.
Adhering to scientific and technological innovation.
The power of science and technology is always recognized as the core drive of Handong.
Relying on its independent research and development team and perseverance in innovation, Handong has the courage to challenge itself and is also good at challenging others. By constantly overcoming technological barriers by focusing on science and technology, it is committed to providing customers with high-quality products and excellent services. It has won many honors, like the National High-tech Enterprise, the member of the Standing Committee of China Architectural and Industrial Glass Association, Guangdong Famous Trademark, Guangdong Scientific and Technological Innovation Advanced Enterprise in Glass Industry, Vice-President Unit of Guangdong Glass Machinery and Equipment Association, etc., showing its brilliant style of striving for the first and glorious history of moving forward with honor.

                                           (广州翻译公司贯日翻译www.en-ch.com 02086266990

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